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ZOMBIECON presents KLOWNYCON NYC, Saturday, 10.15.16

All across the country, creepy “K” clowns are replacing zombies as the scariest thing imaginable. Helicopter parents everywhere pull their kids from schools while neighbors wince through shuttered windows, horrified by creepy clown sightings from hundreds of miles away… Will the klowns jaywalk? Will people wet themselves? Will anyone get a grip? In NYC, the zombies stand with their creepy brethren clowns as the annual ZombieCon street-theater crawl goes Klown. Standing up for our rights to smear on any type of face paint in a quest for brains, booze and balloons! Continue reading

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ZOMBIECON 2014 UPDATED THEME! Zombiecon #10~ KATACLYSM~The Four Zombies of the Apocalypse are on the move… With Disease, Environmental Degradation, Greed and extremist Death Cults all converging as never before, the kingdom of the undead is assured.Saturday, October 18th11:30 am til … Continue reading

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