ZombieCon NYC 2015 is Saturday October 17th

Save the Date Walkers! Saturday October 17th, 2015


Zombiecon NYC #11
~Walkers in Wonderland~

It’s official, “Happy Ever After” is dead. Not only is it dead, its rotting and it stinks of putrid decaying flesh. Those fairy tale dreams and childhood story fantasies you once had are shot down like a walker who broke through the containment zone. Come stagger and moan as your favorite zombified cartoon, fairy tale or childhood movie characters at Zombie Con NYC 2015: Walkers in Wonderland. All day enjoy the company of your fellow undead as create our own Dismaland shuffling after mortals and scaring the bejesus out of tourists.

Saturday October 17th, 2015
11:30am til Night

Our starting location will be announced the day before and zombies shall assemble to put the finishing touches on their zombie make up and begin to terrorize the neighborhood. We will shamble through streets and into fine establishments to quench our terrible thirst for brains. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for hourly updates.

Theme: All zombies are welcome however if you would like to play along with the theme dress as a zombie version of your favorite fairy tale character, childhood tv show host, cartoon star, muppet, beloved movie hero/heroine. Just remember to zombify it. Add blood, add brains, add fun!!

And don’t forget if someone asks you “What is going on?” The proper answer is “Brains!”

ABOUT: Zombiecon NYC was the first big zombie walk and maintains its uniqueness with themes. We urge all to participate while staying safe and “leaving no trace” at all venues we visit. We are part of a bigger community with many year-around events with more info at kostumekult.com.

Mailing List: zombiecon.com
Twitter: @zombieconnyc
Instagram: www.instagram.com/zombieconnyc

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