Zombiecon NYC Tomorrow – FINAL DETAILS

Zombies attack the subway - Zombiecon 2008

Zombies attack the subway. Image by Lucid Revolution.


It is time.  The plague is taking hold and the undead stir. Tomorrow
we establish our kaliphate in lower Manhattan!Zombiecon Rules!1. Be respectful to all especially kids, police and our venue hosts
2. Leave no trace:  Clean up after yourselves wherever we go
3. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a metro card
4. RSVP on FB or Twitter to get updates all day (links at bottom)
5. RSVP for the Zombie Bawl afterparty here:

Our first venue has great drink specials and buffet breakfast and
there will be discounted food options at our second and third venues
as well. Event starts at 11:30 but you can arrive as early as 11am to settup or
schedule an appointment with one of our makeup artists… Links to
those artists are on the facebook announcement.


Zombiecon NYC #10

The Four Zombies of the Apocalypse are on the move… With Disease,
Environmental Degradation, Greed and extremist Death Cults all
converging as never before, the kingdom of undead is assured.

Saturday, October 18th
11:30am til Night

START Location: 11:30am-1:30pm
DL Lounge Roofdeck
95 Delancey St., btw Ludlow & Orchard
(Across street from Delancey F train+)
Breakfast buffet & bloody mary brunch specials
Zombie makeovers by appointment starting at 11am (see below)

ROUTE: Cool venues, great DJs, drink specials everywhere, food at
most. Bloodthirsty hilarity. Follow on Facebook or Twitter for hourly


Zombie Bawl Quick FACEBOOK Banner

Babel Lounge Hookah Bar
131 Avenue C btw 8th & 9th
DJs in two rooms, drink & hookah specials
Free entry with the Con, $5 later
* PM Rudy Nunez (Groovecreator) if you want to spin or otherwise be involved

THEME: All zombies of any kind are welcome with extra love if you play
along with the theme. Religious Extremism, Climate Catastrophe, Plague
or Gluttony… War, Famine, Pestilence and Conquest… Biblical End of
Times with a side of juicy, juicy brains… As always we encourage
interesting signage and zombie makeup or other costuming is required.
Gawkers will be beheaded.

ZOMBIFICATIONS starting at 11am by Toby Basis, Kirk Dupuis/KIRKWORX
+… PM them for appointment.

ABOUT: Zombiecon NYC was the first big zombie walk and maintains its
uniqueness with themes and culture jamming. We urge all to participate
while staying safe and “leaving no trace” at all venues we visit. We
are part of a bigger community with many year-around events with more
info at kostumekult.com.

Mailing List:  http://www.zombiecon.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/287813364760917/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/zombieconnyc

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