Zombies Protest!

As many of you zombies know, this year our theme is brainless politics and zombie protest. This weekend we encourage you to interpret creatively, in that any way you want. We especially hope that you’ll make and bring some zombie protest signs for something big we have planned….. to get you started, here are some slogan ideas for your sign…feel free to add more in the comments!

“Eat the Poor”
“Repeal the Death Tax!”
“The Socialist Obama Nation is no place to live”
“Blood For Oil!”
“Yes I once dabbled in Witchcraft, but I am still a viable candidate” -Christine O’Donnell
“Necrophilia is a Lifestyle Choice!”
“Death Panel of One”
“I’ll give you my gun when you take it from my *cold*, *dead hands*!” -Charlton Heston
“In Brains We Trust”
“Die Free or Live!”
“Drill Baby Drill: A hole in your head”
“Just because I look like an Abortion doesn’t mean I support them”
“End World Hunger – Eat Babies”
“Read my Rotting Skull: No New Taxes”
“You think these burns look bad? You should see my Koran”
“Socialism is for the living”
“These Colors Don’t Ooze”
“Die now and avoid the Death Tax.”
“Thank God I am a Zombie”
“Give me Brains or Give me Death”
“Pro-Zombie, Pro-Life”
“This Mamma Grizzly gonna eat your brains”
“The Obama Nation Is an Abomination, now prepare for Zombification”
“Gay Marriage is unnatural”
“My Momma voted for Obama, so I ate her brains”
“Lazarus, come out! The dead man came out, his hands and feet wrapped with
strips of linen, and a cloth around his face.”
Jesus said to them, “Take off the grave clothes and let him go.” -John

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8 Responses to Zombies Protest!

  1. Rob says:


    Is this really a good idea? We are a couple of weeks from the midterm elections, and it’s entirely possible that people will think that this is an actual political protest. During the 2008 march I ran into a few people who thought Zombiecon was political, even without the signs.

    I am a little uncomfortable marching under a “Repeal the Death Tax!” banner, even if it is meant as satire.

    • zombiequeen says:

      Hi Rob, thanks for the thoughtful comment. Actually, the proximity to midterm elections was part of the impetus for this year’s “Red White & Gangrene” theme; we imagined what would happen if the current climate of political polarization and extremism were taken to its furthest point and civil war broke out, amid the ashes of which, zombies attacked. Discussion of this theme has even gotten VERY spirited between all the organizers of the event, because we all have strongly held but different political beliefs. (To give you an idea, to two lead organizers are a right-wing leaning libertarian and a super left-wing democrat.) That said, we aren’t looking to impose particular beliefs on anyone. Instead, we’re looking to lampoon the lies politicians tell and the brainless way people believe them, as well as parody extremism from all sides. And come on, a ZOMBIE protesting the Death Tax is FUNNY. I encourage you to create your own favorite zombie cause and make a big banner for it.

  2. Hilary Hayward says:

    Hey, I’m writing this here because I can’t find a way to contact anybody for this event. I subscribed with my name, email, and phone number, but was never given the location where zombies are meeting up tomorrow. Could somebody please get me in the loop [laughs]? I so badly want to be there!

    • zombiequeen says:

      Hi Hilary, when you subscribed your email, did you get a verification email with a link inside? You have to click that link to verify that you want to subscribe. Our web host has strict anti-spam measures to make sure everyone has indeed opted in. That said, I will forward you the email announcement right now 🙂

  3. Frank says:

    what’s with the conservative undertones of these suggestions? since when did zombies sounds like tea baggers?

    • zombiequeen says:

      Frank, a lot of these came from a brainstorming session that started with a discussion of the Tea Party protests and related media circus. A lot of what we are lampooning is that very media circus and the melodramatic extremism of many protest slogans we’ve seen people use in earnest. We don’t endorse any party or want to put words in anyone’s mouth. We just wanted to give some over the top suggestions and hope that some zombies that join the event will make their own–the more insane, the better.

  4. Timothy says:

    Heterosexual Marriage is what is un-natural with 50% ending in bloody divorce. Equal Rights for all is Natural. Gay Marriage is Natural for Men & Women marrying the same sex. End GAY PHOBIA for GAY ZOMBIES.

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