ZOMBIECON 2012 * Apocalypto Ultimo * (The Last Apocalypse)

The clock ticks and the ancient gods stir. The Mayan calendar winds down and the end is near…

~ Or so they keep saying !!!~In honor or all the Mayan apocalypse lore soon coming to an end, ZOMBIECON NYC takes a break from social commentary with a good old fashioned, bloodthirsty, bar crawl with much tequila, Mexican fare and swarthy Mayan warrior braiiiiiiiiins… Pay homage to the end of another era of apocalypse hype in any undead, blood-, brain- and booze-thirsty form.Human Sacrifices, Feathered Serpents, Luchadores and Taco Trucks are encouraged.

Saturday, October 20th,
12pm til 8pm + the ‘Zombie Bawl’ afterparty (TBA)
Secret Launch Location In Manhattan (TBA)


Queen (at) zombiecon (dot) com

Are you a decaying dancer, putrid performer, blighted burlesque artist? Do you just do something amazing or disgusting? We want to hear from you. Gurgle at the Queen: Queen@zombiecon.com.

Zombiecon NYC partner ABRACADABRA NYC is offering 15% off all purchases and 25% off all rentals with mention of ZOMBIECON! Head to 19 West 21st St to stock up on zombie and Halloween supplies.

Make sure to follow @zombieconnyc on Twitter and don’t miss a thing on October 20!

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