Zombiecon on Gothamist

Zombiecon got some love on Gothamist!

Can you not wait until the premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday? Free finger-filled cupcakes not enough to quench your thirst for brains? Never fear! Tomorrow one of our favorite annual events returns with the seventh annual Zombiecon! This year’s theme? “A Game of Brains” so get ready to get wasted with the undead, because a Zombie winter is coming!

This year’s brain-eating festivities start at the Slaughtered Lamb in the West Village (182 West 4th Street) at 1 p.m. for Bloody Marys and some serious zombification before hitting the road at 3 p.m. After that they’ll be moving around and devouring the city (you can follow them @zombieconnyc), so don’t forget to bring your ID and MetroCard.

As for what kind of zombie costumes they’re looking for this year? They’re thinking “Undead Couture, Rotting Kings and Queens, Knights and Maidens, Gore, Brains… Or go Medi-Evil however you wish… arggggghhh.”

And please? If you see some zombies on the street, don’t be afraid! Zombies are easily distracted by cameraphones, so just take yours out and snap a few photos for us. You can either send them to photos@gothamist.com or tag them ‘Gothamist’ on flickr!

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