Against All Odds

Geoff Skinnell and his crew decided to feature Zombiecon in their short film entry in the 2010 Brooklyn Film Race competition:

We had 24 hours to write shoot and edit this. For the competition we had to include the prop: Pizza, and focus on the theme: Exaggeration.

Against All Odds from Geoff Skinnell on Vimeo.

Gail writes:

On behalf of my team who participated in the Brooklyn Film Race this weekend, I’d like to thank you and all of Zombiecon for letting us be a part of your event and use you all in our film! We were so psyched when we heard Zombiecon coincided with the film race and it worked out so well with our short film idea! …….. Some awesome news: we won 2nd place for the audience award at our film screening time! Everyone loved the film and we actually were answering some questions regarding the Zombies!

Great work guys!!!!

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