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iCNN: Zombies Invade New York City

Caryn La Greca writes and snaps about the zombie invasion last Saturday on iCNN:

Brains, blood and gore were seen in Manhattan as Zombies invaded New York City at the 2012 Zombiecon Apocalypto Ultimo. The animated corpses joined each other at the Iguana to begin their invasion throughout the streets of NYC where no-one was safe from the walking dead. There was no where to run, no where to hide. A bloody teddy hung from the mouth of a once beautiful young woman as she and the other zombies shuffled their way underground to attack the New York Subway lines. I am glad I made it home alive despite having zombie blood on my hands.

Zombie Prom and GWAR at Irving Plaza

Some links with great writeups and photos from the ZOMBIE PROM featuring GWAR at Irving Plaza!


GWAR onstage

GWAR on stage at Zombie Prom! photo via

Brooklyn Vegan: Gwar played Zombie Prom at Irving Plaza (great pics)

Village Voice: Gwar Zombie Prom (photogallery)

Vice: We Went to a Gwar Zombie Prom recap

Frank151: The New York Zombie Prom Featuring Gwar recap

TTWNYC at Zombie Prom

Thrill The World dancers MJ’s Thriller at Zombie Prom. Photo via Frank151

Zombiecon on Gothamist

Zombiecon got some love on Gothamist!

Can you not wait until the premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday? Free finger-filled cupcakes not enough to quench your thirst for brains? Never fear! Tomorrow one of our favorite annual events returns with the seventh annual Zombiecon! This year’s theme? “A Game of Brains” so get ready to get wasted with the undead, because a Zombie winter is coming!

This year’s brain-eating festivities start at the Slaughtered Lamb in the West Village (182 West 4th Street) at 1 p.m. for Bloody Marys and some serious zombification before hitting the road at 3 p.m. After that they’ll be moving around and devouring the city (you can follow them @zombieconnyc), so don’t forget to bring your ID and MetroCard.

As for what kind of zombie costumes they’re looking for this year? They’re thinking “Undead Couture, Rotting Kings and Queens, Knights and Maidens, Gore, Brains… Or go Medi-Evil however you wish… arggggghhh.”

And please? If you see some zombies on the street, don’t be afraid! Zombies are easily distracted by cameraphones, so just take yours out and snap a few photos for us. You can either send them to or tag them ‘Gothamist’ on flickr!

Village Voice gets bloody

Via Village Voice:

This year’s Zombie Con was themed “Red White and Gangrene,” with political signage encouraged in order to mirror “our idiotic national discourse,” though non-aligned brain-eaters were also invited to tag along.

Zombies on Metromix

Zombies roamed the city once again during the annual Zombiecon…and we tagged along. Our route: a zombie brunch at Kennedy’s, then down Broadway to 46th, past the Church of Scientology, back to Times Square for a beer break at O’Lunney’s (or Connelly’s, whichever had more space for brain-sucking zombies when you walked in the door)…and then over to News Corp., where the zombie pack beat on the windows of Fox News with bloody fists screaming, “No brains! No brains!” Then it was off to Rock Center, to the delight of every double decker tourist-filled bus. Afterwards? A party at Le Poisson Rouge. –Gabi Porter

See the rest here.

Zombies roamed the streets of NYC

Brooklyn Vegan has a nice photo gallery up of this weekend’s zombie romp here!

See more here.

2009 Event Recap

Zombie patient has staggered away from the operating table and toward your brains.

Debased adventures among the living! – Event recap by Alexis Guerra.

It rained on that Saturday, which almost seemed to add a queer and appropriate ambience to the day. The perfect backdrop for the dead to walk among the living, or at least for a few demented Halloween fanatics to gather at a “secret” location before setting out into the city as crazed, flesh-eating corpses. I’ll admit I had no idea what to expect. A bunch of adults decked out the week before Halloween to wreak havoc and revel in a day which was meant to celebrate zombies everywhere. Yes, Zombie Con 2009 had arrived, the 5th annual Zombie Con in fact, and I was covering it with my partner in crime for the next few hours, Jack Randall. When I met up with a frazzled Jack around 12:45 he quickly updated me on the events of his morning. From what I could gather it had consisted of engaging in verbal fisticuffs with the MTA police regarding platform alcohol consumption, then somehow MacGyvering a train ticket from thin air…needless to say a tiny voice inside my head was chuckling and thinking that this was only the beginning and we had yet to even come in contact with our fellow stiffs.

When we finally neared our first stop (The Carriage House on 59th and 3rd for a “Bloody Mary” brunch) it was evident that we were in for one hell of a gruesome, blood-splattered day. These folks were no amateurs and it became abundantly clear that if we were going to walk and talk among the throngs of bloody brides, rotting Lady Gaga’s and the decaying “Balloon Boy”, we were going to have to blend in. So with a drink and a steady hand, our team tore into the $6.99 Walgreen’s make-up kit I had purchased on my way uptown and immediately dived into the sea of cherry flavored blood capsules, grease paint and gory fake wounds (as the only female I was instantaneously dubbed the as make-up artist of the group and so I set to work in transforming our crew into pale, corroded carcasses). Oddly enough, I came to notice that the more intoxicated people became, the gorier the make-up tended to be and by the end of the day I was surprised there was still a tube of artificial blood left on the entire island of Manhattan.

After we departed from the bar our next stop was a parade-like march through Bloomingdales where, as one might imagine, mayhem ensued. I’m sure it was the last thing high-class socialites and oversea tourists had expected to see at 2:00 pm on a Saturday afternoon in one of New York City’s finest department stores. It was here where I was momentarily separated from my group and let me tell you there are a few drawbacks to being alone in NYC dressed head to toe as the living dead…you risk looking like a total freak and if you’re situation is anything like mine, you end up have a homeless man follow you around until you are thankfully able to locate and rejoin your party.

[Full recap here!] [Part 2 by Jack Randall]

The Josh McCutchen Show

Josh McCutchen reports live from Zombiecon 2009. Spoiler alert: He doesn’t survive.

This financial crisis is getting spooky

Wall Street Zombies

The annual Zombiecon festival in New York City this year adopted a financial crisis theme. Participants dressed as zombie bankers, undead brokers and CEOs and gathered in the Wall Street district. Here they pose for a shot on the steps of bankruptcy court. Photo by Jim Glaser.

NPR reports on 2008’s financial crisis-themed Zombiecon event.

The sense of dread in the financial world is no treat, but it’ll be a main theme among the tricks played during tomorrow’s Halloween festivities. Mitchell Hartman reports on people spooked by the economic crisis who are dressing the part.

[Photo gallery here.]

io9: Wall Street Undead Feast On New Yorkers’ Brains

Via io9: Zombies flooded Manhattan this weekend. Pulling their golden parachutes and crumbling portfolios, decaying bankers roamed the streets looking for brains and bailouts. This years NYC’s annual Zombie Con brought all the decomposing masses out, to paint the town red with the blood of my 401K, while anointing the Wall Street bull statue with their zombie guts. Exclusive undead video recap.

[Read the full post at io9]

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