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Photo gallery: Zombies Take NYC

We just found this great little photo gallery that we’d missed from last year’s Zombie festivities. Thanks to photographer David Blotner!!!

Photo by David Blotner

HuffPo: Bloodied Protestors Hit Times Square

Huffington Post gets a faceful of blood:

Months before swarms of drunk Santas flood the streets of Alphabet City for SantaCon, there is Zombiecon. This is the sixth annual gathering for Zombiecon. The theme this year was a political protest for corporate America. Hundreds of bloodied ‘protestors’ descended on Times Square Saturday shopping, hopping from bar to bar, and scaring tourists.

More photos and video at HuffPo.

Gothamist repeals the death tax

Via Gothamist with photos by Jim Kiernan:

…a contingent of the undead wandered around Manhattan, searching for fresh brains and taking up midterm election issues. And because New Yorkers will grab any opportunity to dress up, yesterday’s sixth annual all-day Zombiecon was a cornucopia of fake blood, disembodied brains, and paler-than-normal skin. This year’s theme was “brainless politics and zombie protest,” and people were encouraged to make zombie protest signs; the parade started with a Bloody Mary brunch in midtown, and extended all the way downtown, ending with an after party at Le Poisson Rouge.

See a huge gallery here and more from Jim Kiernan here.

Village Voice gets bloody

Via Village Voice:

This year’s Zombie Con was themed “Red White and Gangrene,” with political signage encouraged in order to mirror “our idiotic national discourse,” though non-aligned brain-eaters were also invited to tag along.

Joseph Mikos gallery

Photographer Joseph Mikos has a gallery up on flickr of photos from this year’s event!

Click for the whole gallery.

Day of the Dead

The Whiskey Dregs blogs about Zombiecon:

Blue skies, white swollen clouds drifted endlessly to the west and beneath this glorious pastiche of normalcy, a horde gathered at Kennedy’s to enact a day long tribute to that great genre of horror, which began with Night of the Living Dead way back in 1968.

Zombie films were a little different than all of the other films of this genre. Lifeless drones ambling toward an insatiable appetite, as infinite as death itself, have always been the a stripped down reflection of us; ugly in our desires and empty as a hungry ghost. The organizers cleverly utilized a political theme as you’ll be able to see in the pictures below. The occupants of the Time Warner building are still cleaning up after we ransacked it. For one day these zombies had a free pass to the city. The police just stood aside, unsure what to do. I took pictures, smiling from ear to ear — the happiest among the undead.

See the post and the rest of Carlos quite inspired photo gallery here.

Gammablog goes to Zombiecon

Gammablog, a multi-year Zombiecon participant and friend, has a great post up with photos and video of this year’s shenanigans.


Zombies on Metromix

Zombies roamed the city once again during the annual Zombiecon…and we tagged along. Our route: a zombie brunch at Kennedy’s, then down Broadway to 46th, past the Church of Scientology, back to Times Square for a beer break at O’Lunney’s (or Connelly’s, whichever had more space for brain-sucking zombies when you walked in the door)…and then over to News Corp., where the zombie pack beat on the windows of Fox News with bloody fists screaming, “No brains! No brains!” Then it was off to Rock Center, to the delight of every double decker tourist-filled bus. Afterwards? A party at Le Poisson Rouge. –Gabi Porter

See the rest here.

Zombies roamed the streets of NYC

Brooklyn Vegan has a nice photo gallery up of this weekend’s zombie romp here!

See more here.

Zombies Invade Bloomingdales

Zombies invade Bloomingdales

Zombie prom queens on a bloody march through Bloomingdales

Noel has a nice photo gallery from the 2009 event!

It’s not even Halloween and the zombies roamed the streets of Manhattan today. ZombieCon is the annual, loosely organized parade of the slobbering undead, the bloody, and the battered, combining the things that many people in the city love – street theater, costume and make-up, and Halloween parties. The zombies assembled at The Carriage on 59th Street (off 3rd Avenue), invaded Bloomingdale’s, and horrified other parts of Manhattan.

See it all here!

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